A business and networking platform for female entrepreneurs and female-led businesses.

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Have The Ticket of Your Choice

What’s included in this package

  • Access to the local and global events
  • Access to all events materials
  • Access to the pitch battle stage
  • Event provision package

Personal Package -

Join over 150 attendees at the local event and over 1000 attendees virtually for the global event.

  • Get to network with like-minded individuals from across Africa.
  • Explore different businesses, both local and international.

What’s included in this package

  • Build your brand awareness through demos
  • Access to professional development for your team
  • Access to potential talents
  • Personalized advise from experiences entrepreneurs
  • Possibility to be part of pitch battles
  • Possiblity to join boost-up program

Business Package -

Engage with like-minded business people and potential partners and customers.

  • Getting to know your business vision and the key strategic drivers.
  • Detailed research of the business environment, target market, and marketing as well as growth opportunities.

What’s included in this package

  • Matchmaked with businesses you can serve
  • Connect with like-minded business community
  • Access to potential talents
  • Business Speed Dating
  • Exhibition Space
  • Access to demos
  • Access to pitch battles

Corporate Package -

Opportunity to engage with more than 1000 individual potential customers and 50 potential corporate customers.

  • Personal Package Benefits.
  • Access to Stakeholders Networking Event.

What’s included in this package

  • Business Speed Dating
  • Business Detailed Portforlio
  • Access to Demos
  • Access to Pitch Battles
  • Further Support with Interests

Investors Package -

Join impact investors, commercial investors and other investent firms at the ocal and global event.

  • Corporate and Personal Package Benefits.
  • Access to Stakeholders Networking Event
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